Calligraphic Skull

Calligraphic/alchemic skull, for the exhibit «Sobre el muerto las coronas». For the exhibition «Sobre el muerto las coronas», held in November 2011 at the University Cultural Centre of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, at Puebla, México, I was invited to illustrate a «skull», together with other artists and designers. I made a calligraphic piece, based on alchemic quotes from the extraordinary 17th-century book Atalanta Fugiens, a work I’ve cherished and studied for years, written by Michael Maier, the famous German alchemist. The calligraphy was executed with a permanent marker in just one sitting. No previous planning or sketching were made; just rough improvisation. Here I show images of the process and the finished piece, together with the book inspiring it all. Thanks to Profr. Benjamín Dueñas for his kind invitation. [Photographs by Alejandro Pérez Olvera.]

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