G.M.Meave | Logo Sampler 2

Logos for Grupo Presidente (hotels & resorts, in collaboration with Design:Success and Profr. Eduardo Nieto), Venus (soap brand), Habitat (interior design magazine), Ponzanelli (marble retail distribution), Typ09 (ATypI international event), Escuela Nacional de Música (National School of Music, educational institution, designed with David Kimura), Conocer (Mexican government certification association), Simetrics (telecommunications). All featuring original typographic design and icons.

Logo & Identity for Grupo Presidente (with art direction by Design:Succes & Profr. Eduardo Nieto).
Logo for Venus, a Mexican soap brand.
Logo & heading for Hábitat, a Mexican interior design magazine.
Logo & Identity for Ponzanelli, a Mexican marble distributor.
Logo & Identity for Typ’09, an event for the Association Typographique Internationale.
Logo & Identity for Escuela Nacional de Música (National School of Music) a Mexican educational institution.
Logo & Identity for Conocer, a Mexican government organization for labor certification.
Logo & Identity for Simetrics, a telecommunications company.

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