G.M.Meave | Logo Sampler 3

Logos for Matiz (Mexican design magazine), QP (Quentin Pope translation services), Medisalud (hospital corporation), Tipo (Mexican typography magazine, logo proposal), Captain Drake (Spiced rum brand), Switch (rock & pop magazine), Insignia (production company), Familias que aprenden (a government program for family education). All featuring original typographic design, icons and concepts.

Logo & Heading for Matiz design magazine.
Logo & identity for QP (Quentin Pope translation services).
Logo & identity for Medisalud, an hospital corporation.
Proposal of logotype for Typo magazine.
Logo for Captain Drake, an spiced rum brand.
Logo & heading for Switch rock & pop music magazine.
Logo & identity for Insignia, a Mexican event production company.
Logo & identity for Familias que aprenden, an educational program by the Mexican government.

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