G.M.Meave | Logo Sampler 4

Logos for RAC (Reforma Athletic Club, a sport club in Mexico City), Coyuche (Mexican crafts boutique store), De Oro (Mexican corn oil brand), Peter de Anda (event organizer), TVDF (independent television and production company, logo proposal), Pirámide (corn oil brand), CruDeLadies (production and 3D animation studio), Caballito (a line of designers’ tequila glasses brand). All featuring original typographic design, icons and concepts.

Logo & monogram for Reforma Athletic Club.
Logo & identity for a Mexican crafts boutique store from Oaxaca.
Logo for a brand of corn oil.
Logo and lettering for an event organization firm.
Logo for an indepedent television producer (proposal).
Logo for a brand of corn oil.
Logo and monogram for an animation and video production studio.
Logo for a line of designers’ tequila glasses.

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